Blackbar Language Barrier

Disclaimer: I very much so disliked this game. No I did not finish it. And I don’t plan to.

My large problem with the game is the barrier between myself and the game. And that barrier was language. The game is in English (or at least the one I bought is). And English is my first language, but the barrier is still there (imagine, what it might be for someone whose first language is not English). With Blackbar, you have to be able to guess the precise word that belongs in the black bar. That is hard, like extremely so. Or at least, for me it was. I couldn’t even concentrate on the narrative of the game because I needed to focus too hard on getting the language right.

But the thing is, not all of the language was available to me. I have poor grammatical skills; it was not stressed in my education, so the skill was never refined. Which meant that I couldn’t always rely on syntax to guide, ad sometimes it actually hindered me. Once you get to the even more puzzly part, with the riddles, I really got lost, as I hadn’t heard some of the idioms they were using. I only even past that part of the game after class when MP pretty much gave us all the answers to that part.

Never had I been more aware of my poor public school education, and in a class where I never thought it would come up. I was instantly unnerved, as everyone else in the class seemed to have such an easy (some said overly easy) time with the game. I couldn’t get it and I didn’t even have the more acceptable excuse of being a second language learner. I was just stupid, or so I felt.

I don’t still feel the way. But I still will not be continuing the game. It’s a _ _ _ _ for me.

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