The Usual Mad Libs

I basically want to discuss how in “The Usual Suspects” it always seemed to me, when viewing the film that Kevin Spacey seemed to basically be playing a dangerous game of Mad Libs with the detectives. What never occurred to me is that mad libs are also quite similar to choose your own adventure novels, just in a different format. So not only how is this film like a choose your own adventure but also, how code your own adventure and mad libs intersect.

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    1. I’m sure he could’ve made up all the words, but I imagine it was more fun for his character to use the words around him. Basically a screw you to Agent Kujan when it was all in front of him the whole time, a message that he eventually got where he wouldn’t have otherwise. Söze knew he was getting away. Of course, this was also a convenient plot device to reveal the truth to the audience in the end too. That’s the way I see it.

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