Besieged: Explosive Legos

It took me forty minutes to conquer a land populated only by sheep, because I’m a terrible driver and my cannon was top heavy. Besieged is a game designed around a powerful physics engine, where the goal is to build a siege engine out of an inventory of stock components, and defeat fortresses. Essentially, its virtual combat Legos. For anyone looking to play something that departs entirely from the narrative lens we have been using, I would recommend taking a look at this game. Its has no narrative, it is only linear in the sense that it becomes harder. Besieged has a sandbox-type interface, allowing the builder to control time, material, and position in order to demolish structures. The game is delightfully difficult, punishing design flaws with the shattering of wood and metal. The games immerses you into a challenge instead of a story. I found this game to be a respite from the intense, story driven games we have been playing. Like Blackbar, it presents puzzles, but ones with unlimited solutions. The game is still in development, so more content is rolling out, but it is fully functional and has a lot of promise.

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