This was my least favorite puzzle in Blackbar. It was unfair. The entire game built you up to have trouble with this puzzle. So in that way, it was pretty clever. But I still hated it. I just hate it. Look at it: it gives you a clue, but the clue is meaningless. I guess Subculturia is supposed to be a pun on Suburbia, the difference being that Suburbia is an actual word. And the clue! A big city, but not really the big city? What is that supposed to mean? I can tell what it’s trying to say now, but only after thinking about it after knowing the answer already. My first thought when I heard the big city was New York. Alright, so a big city but not New York- Rochester? Schenectady? Syracuse? Poughkeepsie? I went searching for largest cities in New York and was coming up dry. The reason is now obvious to me. Of course, I was looking in entirely the wrong direction. But I wasn’t given any context to be set in the right direction. For the whole game, whenever you received letters from this particular organization, their capitalization was out of control. So when I got this one, I didn’t think anything of it. I’ll admit, I googled it after a whole evening of thinking about it and trying out different solutions. At one point I even tried suburbia, but it was too short. The puzzle was deliberately deceptive and I’d say near-impossible difficult. I haven’t talked to anyone about it, so maybe I’m the only one who feels that way- but even if I was, I’d be just as mad about it.

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  1. You’re certainly not the only one. This puzzle I had to look up the answer to, as did all the people I recommended the game to. Still sticks out in memory of playing.

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