Why do we play games?

Sure there are individual reasons why we play games but it is interesting to contemplate the evolutionary aspect of game playing and how it functions in human development. As the video below explains, game playing may have a vital role in brain development. With that said it is even more intriguing to think about how video games may affect human development. As technology advances humans must adapt, therefore the reason that we play video games today may not be the same reason why we play video games in the future.

One type of video games that come to mind are games that teach you how to do something, such as the game Rocksmith which teaches you how to play guitar. In the future it may be possible for video games to teach you things like how to perform surgery. If there were games like that then how would that affect the evolution of human beings? Would learning capacity be improved or diminished?

This is kind of a tangent post and I apologize if some of my ideas are not comprehensible but as the video below says “we play video games because the psychological rewards are more efficient and faster in game playing than they are in real life”.

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  1. I really like this idea of looking at games for the “psychological rewards.” I think that the idea of instant gratification is very tied into all of technology: dating sites, one-day shipping on Amazon, digital media stores, etc.. I also believe gaming allows —more than most any other mediums— a sense of vicarious freedom. Which I see as another major aspect of why humans play video games.

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