‘Multicultural’ Emojis

I think it was during the first or second week of class when MP describe the frustration of not seeing an emoji options for people of color–like the moment when you have brown skin and want to give someone a thumbs up and all there is, is this:images-4

Well apparently Apple is coming out with “multicultural emojis” that showcase our favorite thumb and face emojis in a variety of different skin tones.

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Here is an article about it. I got really excited when I saw this and thought I would just share.

Side note: Why are they labeled as “multicultural”?…people of different skin colors can be of the same culture. Why can’t they just be Apple’s “new emojis” or “human” or “what real life looks like”,i.e. not just white? This may sound contradictory but I don’t like how they are trying to “other” diversity. White is not the end all and everything else is not necessarily multicultural or somehow foreign/exotic.

2 thoughts on “‘Multicultural’ Emojis

  1. I heard about this and I’m actually pretty offended with the “yellow” character – are they jaundiced? Are they from the Simpsons? They could have been perfectly fine with stopping at the second-leftmost skin tone so why add the yellowface? Last time I checked, my skin was not the shade of a lemon. I think the move towards “multicultural” (whatever that entails) emojis is great, but I wasn’t too impressed with the actual outcome.

    1. I totally agree. I think that the yellow faced emoji was a completely insensitive and offensive move. I read, however, that they meant it to be a default face, like the yellow smileys, and not representative of a skin tone. Nonetheless, they should have realized and considered the racial/racist history behind the concept of a “yellow face”.

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