Roopika Risam, Digital Humanities, and Relavent Links

Roopika Risam, an assistant professor of English and Secondary English Education at Salem State University in Salem, Massachusetts, spoke last week about the possibilities of using digital humanities as a medium of discourse in today’s globalized societies, with particular attention to post-colonialism in developing countries. A link to her Powerpoint can be found Here. is-a-critical-digital-humanities-possible-lessons-from-postcolonial-digital-humanities-1-638I’ve taken the liberty of reproducing all the links in her Powerpoint presentation here for easier access, in order to streamline our access to the materials related to her talk. Post Colonial Literature, the Bichitra Tagore Online Variorum Project, an online database of over 40000 pages of the manuscript and 90000 pages of material of Rabindranath Tagore, who was an influential Bengali writer and artist, the 1947 Partition Archive, which documents the British partition of India in 1947, Around Digital Humanities in 80 Days, a project aiming to challenge the idea of digital humanities being centered in the West, digital humanities in post-colonial countries, and reading popular literary texts online.

The value of digital texts is that it facilitates the process of text comparison and analysis. It allows archival of old texts that otherwise would fade away on paper.

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