Class 2/26

Three things we want more of:

  • Facilitate discussion; ask questions. “What do you think?”
  • Comment more, make more discussions. One comment per post. If you see a post without a comment, try to write some response.
  • More not-reviews (don’t stop writing reviews, just more variety).

Three things we’re proud of:

  • Diversity; people write about their passions
  • Laid back nature
  • Our template; nice and simple and easy to read.

Things we learned:

  • We’re keeping pace
  • Verbose posts can discourage comments
  • Certain trends arise when dealing with social issues
  • Possible to create a safe-for-multiple-opinions space on a multi-person blog

Things to not do:

  • Don’t pillow your opinion unnecessarily. When you have one, make it clear.
  • Don’t be afraid to share differing opinions but don’t be a jerk.

One thought on “Class 2/26

  1. I agree that comments are the key to facilitating discussion on this blog. I like that everyone writes about what they want to write about which creates a varied selection of posts, but I also feel that this can leave things a bit scattered on a grander level. With commenting, we still may lack something that ties all the posts together, but discussion will be able to happen at least on some level.

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