Making of the Twine Story

I thought that I would not really enjoy it, I don’t really enjoy writing creating stories, or doing anything really that involves creativity and creation. I did however enjoy it. It was fun bouncing off ideas with my partners and trying to one up each other in creating ridiculous plot twists and plot devices. Having a solid representation of the class (1 HC and 2 AC students) both made it a little harder, but more important. We had to actively coordinate our schedules to make sure we could meet via Google Hangout and I think it helped to focus our intentions because we had already expended so much effort in just finding a time for all of us to meet (albeit virtually).

The Twine interface also presented its own trials as we had to constantly send each other our own drafts of different aspects of the game in order to make a coherent whole before making revisions. We came up with a method, perhaps not the best one but it worked, of one person having the ‘master’ draft and the other two riffing off of it and then sending it out for each other to read. The writer of the new best script then became the new owner of the ‘master’ draft while everyone else riffed off of it. On a side note, it also became a good way to partition work as well.

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