I grew up reading Redwall books, I’ve read all the books and I even got up to watch the show that aired at six in the morning on Saturdays. Well, now there is a video game in development. For anyone who hasn’t read any of the Redwall books, they are essentially fantasy novels with animals as characters instead of people. There are twenty-two novels in total, which offers the developers of the game an enormous amount of material to work with. The game is still in concept stages, but the developer’s mission statement is very true to the Redwall universe, and I think there is certainly an audience for this game.

Here is the link to the pitch page:

One thought on “Redwall

  1. Interesting. I read a lot of Redwall myself several years ago. I put the series down because it got too repetitive; I was feeling like I was reading the same story with the same characters over and over again. Still, though, that story isn’t a bad one, and I think it might be well suited to a video game, so maybe we could get another really good licensed title. Conversely, if the dev team works to see how interactive storytelling can spice up the story, it might benefit the franchise as well. And from the pitch it certainly seems like the dev team have their hearts in the right place. Places, actually. The pitch video puts forward both the idea that video games are a healthy art form (are any of us here really going to disagree with that?) and the idea that children’s games are important, which is not a position we’re seeing put forth and used as a base for new games much in this moment of time. Actually, now I kind of want to do a post on that topic…

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