Twine Dropbox Sharing Tutorial


Here’s how my group used Dropbox to share a Twine File:
Note: this technique will only work for Mac and Windows Machines

  1. Download the Twine Desktop app for Mac or Windows.
  2. Download the Dropbox Desktop app for Mac or Windows. Note, this also requires you to create a Dropbox account if you haven’t already.
  3. Create a folder within your Dropbox directory. Within that folder, save your Twine file from the desktop app. Twine desktop files have the extension .tws.
  4. Share this folder with your team. They also must have Dropbox accounts. You can either share from the online application by clicking the share button on the right or by right clicking a folder in Finder/Windows Explorer and typing in your teammates’ email addresses
  5. Edit away. The file will sync between everyone’s devices whenever you’re connected to the internet.

Note, if two users try to edit the file at once, there is the potential to overwrite data. Dropbox will attempt to save multiple copies when this happens, but there is still the potential for data to be lost. It’s best to find a way to track who’s editing at a particular time. Our group used a text file as a sort of sign in sheet. So let me know if anyone has any questions. Hope this helps.

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