Cooperative Play vs. Multi-Single-Player

WARNING: I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE I’M GOING WITH THIS. Maybe not a valid reason to post “warning” or use the excessive caps, but oh well. I had a thought the other day in class about what it meant to play a game cooperatively and to have multiple players simultaneously play singularly. That, however, would be a lie. My idea wasn’t nearly as refined as that until several days later. At first it was just “Hey! There aren’t any multiplayer games where you can split up from your companion without causing some sort of loading screen or checkpoint reset”. Then I thought of a whole host of games that denied my statement: DayZ, World of Warcraft, Minecraft. In short, MMOs and online sandboxes. But that triggered another thought, one maybe more refined. What does it mean to experience the story of a game, and I mean experience it the way you would if you were playing a singleplayer game, with another player? Even further than that, with a player you don’t know. Then I had one last refinement. Put yourself into the world of Skyrim, or DragonAge:Inquisition, or any open world single player game with LOADS of story to explore, and then allow another player to enter that world and do as he pleases just as you would. Would you stick together? Would you become enemies? Would I decide to save the guard when you decide to leave him behind? What does that do to our relationship? To our game? What do you guys think? Would a game like this be possible? What would it do to your narrative experience? I guess I did know where I was going with this =D

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  1. Also in the grain of multi-player, and co-op disscusion, I can help but bring up the idea of how playing local co-op (sitting on the ouch with a friend) and online co-op create completely different game play and narrative experiences, even in those same MMo’s and online sandbox games.

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