The Importance of Sounds

One of the first things I noticed when I started playing Kentucky Route Zero was how amazing and detailed the sounds are.

Closed captions are always amusing.

I am taking a cinema class this semester and especially on this week we are discussing sound. Sound is something that helps in the hypnotic effect that films have on us and I believe it works like that for games as well. When referring to sound many people think only of the music or the dialog, but simple noises that we tend not to notice are super important to make us believe in what we see. Actually, the less we notice such noises happening, the best was the job of the sound producer/designer. There is never really pure silence.

In Kentucky Route Zero, each place that the characters went to had a vast variety of background noises that made me feel like I was literally standing right where the characters were. Sounds like the truck running, footsteps, the wind, the fire on the cave, etc all contributed to that feeling. Funnily, the dialogs have no sound in the game, and although good voice acting helps in having a better gaming experience, this fact didn’t make me feel any less immersed.

I really love when games have beautiful sound details and Kentucky Route Zero really impressed me. By the way, if you’re not playing this game with headphones on go change that right now!

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