Transistor! Part 1

WARNING: Minor Spoilers! I recently picked up Transistor, an action RPG developed by Supergiant Games. It was free for Playstation Plus subscribers on the PS4 (thank you Sony) for the month of February. I wasn’t going to download it, but last minute I decided why the hell not, it’s free. Best decision I’ve made in a long time.

The first thing I noticed was the striking art style. I haven’t been so satisfied with an art style since Borderlands (Yes, I LOVED the ridiculous comic art). I don’t want to butcher the image of it by trying to describe it in words so I’ll simply insert and image.Beautiful, right? That’s what I said. Anyways, the art is amazing and so are the characters.

Every character is represented by a power you gain in the game. When you use those powers in different functions, you unlock story about these characters, expanding the world around you into a more immersive environment. I found myself looking forward to new powers not for combat (which I normally would) but for a new character to delve into. Each character is so carefully crafted and the stories their lives tell only fills you with wonder about the world you’re experiencing.

The combat is fluid, boss fights are tricky but satisfying, and the difficulty is just right. However, it’s the story that has me drawn to Transistor. From the moment you enter the game, there is this feeling of mystery, and as you acquire your “weapon”, you wonder who’s voice it is inside the sword and how exactly you, Red (female vocalist who doesn’t have a voice anymore) fit into this story. Lines like “Cloudbank: Where Everyone has a Voice” fill me with suspicion because I know a mysterious faction known as the Camarata are behind disappearances and the literal loss of my character’s voice.

So I pose a question. Transistor is masterfully crafted. In particular is the story and the phenomenal soundtrack (really, its stellar). I have sat and listened to song after song sung by my character, Red, because her voice (which she has lost!) is so captivating. So my question is this: When has the story of a game caused you to forget the story of your own life? What I mean by that is what was the last game you played that had you so engrossed in the story that you forgot about “real life”? What about that game caused such a reaction?

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