Kentucky Route 0 Ramble

This is a total ramble on Kentucky Route Zero. There are spoilers. It probably makes no sense but here it is…

What is going on in this game? I mean, I really like it but I am almost come completely lost as to what is happening. I tend to play the game at night before going to bed and after I have done all my other work. I have no qualms about admitting to the fact that I am a complete chicken. I don’t know how but this game managed to creep me out and scare me—maybe because I was playing it in the complete darkness and it has the whole ghosty vibe—especially the scene in the mineshaft.

I’ve only gotten through Act III, but my theory is—and I don’t know if this is considered a spoiler because it is unfounded and merely a theory—that Conway is a ghost, traveling between the world of the living and the world of the dead, revisiting past sites of loss and love. I think he died in that car accident on the side of the road that we get to see near the beginning of the game. I also think Ezra, the boy with the giant bird, is dead and either died after he lost his parents or died and thinks he lost his parents because he is no longer with them because they are still alive and he is not. Something is definitely up with Weaver since everyone kept mentioning how she would always disappear and reappear—plus that whole thing with the TV. I think this last delivery is Conway’s last task in the world of the living. I also think the group of people whom Conway keeps seeing and then they just disappearing like when they are playing the game and lose the die, I think they are alive. I think we have some of The Others type deal, where Conway is Nicole Kidman’s character.

The one thing we all can agree on I think, is that this game is not set or depicted in a “real” world. Side note, I really want to know why they chose to give Conway a glowing, golden leg.

I would be really interested in hearing other theories or thoughts on the game.

2 thoughts on “Kentucky Route 0 Ramble

  1. Having barely begun on Act II, I may not be terribly equipped to present any theories on the game. However, I did want to respond to your comment that the game does not exist within the “real” world. I read on the KRZ website that they intended for the game to dwell within the genre of magic realism: a blending of the realistic and the fantastical. In terms of what I’ve seen so far, the game does a very good job of it. Believable characters, generally realistic environments, but fantastical uses of light e.g. switching off your light to locate the D20 or to see the figures in the mine. Curious how these moments could read as sinister, but given the general lack of peril in the came, merely seem intriguing in my purview.

  2. I think KRZ honestly hinges on what is left unknown to the player. That’s one of the reasons why I’ve been recommending the game without providing any context (“Just go into it blindly”). For that reason, I’m not sure we’ll get these answers even after Acts IV and V come out. Even so, I like your theories — definitely haven’t considered them before.

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