More Than Just Recruitment Rewards

For anyone who isn’t familiar with League of Legends, all you need to know for the scope of this post is that it is competitive and consists of two teams of five players each. Since the beginning of March, Riot Games, the company behind League, is offering increased in-game point rewards for playing with your friends. The systems scales exponentially with the number of friends you are playing with, and caps at a chance to earn 16x what you normally would for a game. This is the first system I have seen that actively and regularly rewards players for playing with friends in-game, instead of just standard recruitment rewards. It is an attempt at both retaining a player base, and reducing toxicity between players. People playing with their friends are less likely to flame other players or ragequit, knowing that the friends on their team would suffer. I like this system because it takes a positive reinforcement approach to reducing toxicity instead of the normal punishment and reporting system currently in place. I have relatively limited experience with games that have toxicity problems, but I am curious as to how it has been addressed in the past, or if anyone has any ideas on the topic because a shitty player base drastically reduces the allure of the game.

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