Crispy Plays: Twine Class Projects!

Hello there, boys, girls and non-binaries,

With midterm season finally behind us (for the most part), I feel like this upcoming weekend might be a perfect opportunity to relax and unwind with some quality computer entertainment. With that in mind, this Tuesday night starting at 8 PM I’ll be playing some of the timeless classics that are our class’s Twine projects and just generally making a fool of myself on my Hitbox channel over at There will be live commentary, facecam, beercam and perhaps some special guests. If Hitbox decides to screw me over, we will move over to my Twitch ( The only reason we’re not using it in the first place is that Hitbox has a much lower delay for that sweet, sweet streamer-viewer interaction. If you want your (or someone else’s) game played, feel free to request it right here!

EDIT: Moved to Tuesday due to orgo exam. ;_;

2 thoughts on “Crispy Plays: Twine Class Projects!

  1. Weeeeelp this is an overdue response if there’s ever been one; no idea how I missed this. In hindsight, I probably should have saved the VODs. Oh well, I’ll be back in Serbia over the next month or so and will be streaming pretty much every day until I start my thesis research. It’ll probably be some triple-A’s instead of Twines this time around, though 🙂

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