Game Recommendation: Lisa


Lisa is a side-scrolling RPG with a battle system and style very similar to the Earthbound series from Nintendo. It was actually funded on Kickstarter, and is (in my opinion) one of the few successes to come out of the crowd funding craze. Like the Earthbound series the game is stuffed with humor and moments meant to pull at the heartstrings. However, Lisa takes much darker approach. Like way darker. Suuuuuuper dark. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world brought about by the sudden disappearance of all women on Earth. Naturally, civilization breaks down and all that’s left is a depraved world filled with tough choices. The game is centered around the main character, Brad, attempting to rescue his adopted daughter, the only female left on Earth.

Lisa is a pretty disgusting game. But that’s part of its charm and what makes it so entertaining and engaging. It pulls no punches in the subjects that it addresses and stirs a lot of emotions as a result. It deals with addiction, abuse, rape, and mental illness, among several other touchy subjects. There are several points in the game where you must choose between two very important things: In one case, you must choose whether to have your arm chopped off or have your entire party permanently killed. The choices take several different forms, but I won’t spoil them all.

But the story isn’t the only thing that’s great about the game. As I said earlier, the combat takes a lot of inspiration from Earthbound, while also adding in some cool new mechanics. It’s a very tough game, so be prepared to reload your save more than a couple times! The art is also pretty great, and when the screen isn’t filled with gore or some other shocking image, it’s pretty pleasant to look at.

Fair warning, if you’ve gotten this far into the review without realizing it, this game contains quite a bit of material that could be considered shocking by some. And if you’re not super enthusiastic about having to play as a guy in a world filled with guys, there is a sequel coming out soon that features Buddy, the last girl on Earth, as the protagonist. Try it out!

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