Grouplets Come Together

Grouplet One: Contrasting Run Lola Run with Usual Suspects. Comparing the Walking Dead video game to its other medias (the tv show and comic). Isaiah, Andrea, Daejione, Marina.

Grouplet Two: Galloway and Gamic Action applies to The Walking Dead or Kentucky Route Zero. Shannon, Cody, and Andrea.

Grouplet Three: Commentary on gameplay on The Walking Dead. John, Ali, Christopher

Grouplet Four: Playing the Walking Dead on three different platforms and discussing the pro/cons of each platform and its affect on gameplay. Jovan, Allison, Andrew Baker.


ETA: a check in 3/12

Grouplet One: The Usual Suspects and Run Lola Run.

Grouplet: Communication on the Cybernetic relationship between player and computer using The Walking Dead and Galloway’s Gamic Action.

Grouplet Three: Close reading of one scene in TWD, TBA.

Grouplet Four: Continuing as planned

2 thoughts on “Grouplets Come Together

  1. We all seem to be interested in doing Walking Dead stuff. Why don’t we coordinate a little so that we can make it work like a comprehensive miniseries or something?

  2. That’d probably be cool. I think the biggest worry is that we all wind up looking at The Walking Dead from the same “angle” but as long as we all hold true to what we said today or coordinate changes in the game plan, we should be able to avoid that.

    Maybe each group should start a post to discuss progress and the like, to be edited as things change, so that we can make sure we don’t wind up doing the same thing.

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