Jorji Costava

Jorji-releaseWhile playing Papers, Please, I noticed a common character named Jorji Costava. Jorji Costava is the applicant who first appears on day 3 without a passport. He comes back numerous times with fake passports, contrabands, etc. I believe that this character provides much of the comedic value in the game. Most of the game is pretty dark and depressing and I’m curious why the creators wanted to include this character. Maybe they just wanted to be funny or uplift people’s spirits.

I believe as the player we are able to see a personality we can connect to. Most of the time, the entrants that come into the booth never come again. However, Jorji Costava comes repeatedly, allowing the player to achieve a sense of familiarity with this character. With his upbeat spirit in trying to smuggle contraband and fake passports, there is an element of playfulness that is added into the game.

This familiarity and the character’s almost care-free attitude causes me to ponder about the morality in my choices of detaining him or letting him through the border.

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  1. He plays a big role in one of the endings, too — a conclusion that provides a little more closure concerning why the creators included him in the story. Even so, that ending wasn’t particularly satisfying, as your family’s fate was left uncertain.

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