Post-Spring Break Group Projects

1) Nick, Marquez, Scott, Lawrence: “The Usual Suspects” text/visual breakdown of final scenes in relation to multiple texts.

2)Michael, Michael, Delsin, Stephanie: “Garden of the Forking Paths” analysis with Avatars of Story. Video will be showing a person’s day and how minor differences lead to major outcomes.

3) David M, Grace B-S, Amory W: “Kentucky Route Zero”, Platform studies of CYOA novel within a game, or analysis based on Interactivity and Avatars of Story.

4) Melissa, Craig, Regina: “Kentucky Route Zero” and “The Avatars of Narrative” a video which discusses what makes up a narrative and how these elements apply to the story of Kentucky Route Zero.

5) Andrew, Jake, Niahlah: “Papers, Please” and “The Usual Suspects” in relation to the text, Avatars of Story.

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  1. The Michael Michael Stephanie Delsin groups has changed a little bit, we are now examining Run Lola Run (and maybe a bit about The Walking Dead) with Avatars of Story

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