How much is too much?

Last semester, I was on one of my frequent YouTube binges, and I found a short film that I watched and creeped me out so much I had to watch cartoons for the next couple of hours. It wasn’t until this semester, while discussing video games, that I thought of it again.

This video is called Sight, and it’s a fantastically made short film that not only discusses technology but video games. In it, people have developed a new technology integrated into their eyes called Sight, which is basically like having a smartphone in your head, only creepier. Take a look.

I hope you have already watched the video. If not, prepare for spoilers, my friends. Basically, the major question in this is, how much gaming is too much? Sure, games are fun, and it’s nice to get away from reality once in a while, but just how much of a disconnect with reality is OK? In the short, we see the main character dealing with reality twice, really. However, both times while he interacted with reality, he was actually playing a game. In cooking, he was cutting up a cucumber. When he started doing badly, he tossed the cucumber aside, effectively “restarting the level.” A perfectly good cucumber. I think this wasteful action was the first hint from the creators of the short to us, seemingly equating Videogames = Wasteful. Don’t quit just yet, let me finish.

Then, the character goes on a date and plays a game to help him seduce the woman who showed up. She falls for every one of his moves, and it’s only until she sees his wall of trophies and the dating game that she realizes what she’d gotten herself into. And I’m not even going to get into the end of the video, because, man, that just poses so many other questions and criticisms of all technology in general.

I’m just focusing on the gaming aspect. It’s obviously viewed negatively in this short video, but we have the interesting contrast of the male character and the female one. The female one says that she just got to level 5 of a game, while he’s already in the hundreds. She’s the character who doesn’t put everything in her profile. She’s the character who disapproves of so many gaming trophies and so much gaming.

I know that we’re studying Videogames and their narrative forms, their potential benefits, what interests us about them, and so many other things. But nothing so amazing comes without a hazard. In this case, I suppose I saw this video as a warning about too much. The female character is still in touch with reality. I guess I’m wondering how much immersion into video games can one have before reality dissolves? How many levels of Two Dots before you start linking patterns on the ground or the Froot Loops in your bowl?

Just a few thoughts…

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  1. Forget the gaming analogies, what about the having all your stuff being digital? Like an imagining of a future where everything is secured digitally, to the point even the end product isn’t physical. Creepy stuff man.

  2. If you haven’t already then you should definitely check out Charlie Brookers ‘Black Mirror’. It’s a series of episodes based on a dysatopian utopia, similar to this video.. to be honest this wouldn’t be out of place within the series.

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