Larry from the Walking Dead is the Worst.

First off, I do not enjoy point and click games so the first episode of The Walking Dead video game series will probably be my last. It was fun-ish just not my cup of tea, in fact the game made me want to watch the tv series on AMC. With that said, I am going to write this post solely on Larry’s comportment on the first episode, so if he has some redemption in later episodes, I will never know so please understand that is why I am writing this as I am. 

Ok here we go. If I had it in my power in the game to vote him off the zombie-free island I totally would. That guy was a complete jerk from the get go. Sure it is the zombie apocalypse, but that does not excuse how rudely and terribly he acted against Duck and his family. His near hysteric rant against zombies and his demand to kill Duck reminded me of the McCarthy Red Scare (that I read in text books). His refusal to even listen to anyone else’s opinion on the matter was infuriating. I had initially approached the conversation pretty neutral acknowledging that they took a risk on letting us in, but his pig-headed ways ended with me/Lee threatening to knock him on his ass. Then he had a heart attack and I was glad. It allowed the rest of the people to get to know Lee, Clementine and the Duck family and in his absence everything was copacetic. We saved Glenn, had an unfortunate experience with the zombie lady and then hey we even decided to save that miserable wretch from his pulmonary disease. Then what does he do? Punches you in the face and tries to kill you via zombie bites. Not cool Larry, not cool. If I could trade you for Doug (who I couldn’t save) I would totally use all of the necromancy powers available to do that. Doug at least was selfless and willing to save people and Carley may or may not have loved him a little. Much better than that jerk Larry who punches people and not zombies. In closing, Larry I hope you go to Zombie-Hell so then I could shoot you with a shotgun because you are a terrible person.

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  1. I agree, I hate Larry also and will try to find a way to let him die. The character Larry seems similar to the character Mr. Greene though, in that he wants to protect his family and is distrustful of strangers. I feel like there is this general idea of how important family is throughout the game and a trend in which old people tend to be more distrustful of strangers

  2. This was one of my favorite posts because sometime its just nice to rant and vent about things we dislike. I also found it funny, relatable, and an enjoyable quick read

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