Videogames and Tendinitis

Video games are usually pretty accessible, especially when they involve only a joystick (differently from Kinect, for example, that you have to use your whole body). However, something that has challenged this accessibility for me since I was a kid is tendinitis.

Tendinitis is an inflammation of the tendons caused my repetitive movements (like typing, pressing a button, writing, etc.). In my case I have it on both arms, so I feel pain on my wrists, fingers, forearms and sometimes elbows. Having this condition has always affected my gaming experience. I can never play a game for too many hours at once (even though I always end up doing it when I really enjoy a game).

Tendinitis is a pain in the a** (arm).

This happened while playing Papers, Please. The constant quick movements of clicking and dragging papers and documents around the screen made my arms start aching. I played the game for a few days in a row until I decided to take a break for another few days so the pain would ease up a little. A result of this was that when I decided to play it again on the following week I could barely remember what I had to do in the level I stopped and my game performance decreased a lot. On the other hand, games like Kentucky Route Zero are really enjoyable for me because it is more reading and getting to know the story of the game than it is clicking around.

I was wondering if anyone else had similar problems. If so, how do you deal with it? Should game companies start thinking of the people who have this kind of condition when creating their games? But how can they change their games without compromising the gameplay?

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  1. I am sorry to say that I don’t think game companies will keep you–or anyone else with tendonitis–in mind when they design their games. Games that involve a lot of clicking and are simply too popular, and too much of a cash cow, to devote large amounts of effort to a different sort of experience. Granted, there will always be the occasional exception, like Kentucky Route Zero.

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