My thoughts: Kentucky Route Zero

First off, I think this game is very beautifully designed. I’m not sure what it is about this game, but I found it to be aesthetically very pleasing. Perhaps, it is the sharp edges in the animation and limited color scheme that makes the game clean and crisp rather than flashy and bright. This also really adds another dimension to the game in the sense that it gives a very eerie and ominous ambiance. The game generally takes place in the afternoon or at night and when navigating the character, we often see a silhouette of our character, as opposed to his actual body. With the sound of the mosquitos and very occasional music, there is a lot of suspense in the game. Throughout the game, because of all of these factors, I thought that something scary was going to happen but nothing ever really did but they all worked to put that mindset in the player. Big kudos for great game design.

As for the gameplay itself, it is a point-and-click, pseudo-choose-your-own-adventure type of text-based indie game. There are no puzzles, or objectives per say as in other games, but this one is more of a game made for the point of storytelling. We control a character named Conway and by clicking, we guide him through the story to find this mysterious “Route Zero”. We also have the option to choose Conway’s dialogue and occasionally the dialogue of other characters. We also ride his truck to get to various other locations on the given map. Now, I only played Act 1 and I do not want to reveal too much of what happens so I think I will end my thoughts here.

Overall, I really liked this game and there were cute little touches like name your dog (I named her Blue 🙂 ). Would definitely recommend to those who want a nice little story.

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