Crying through the Freedom

So I’m playing assassins creed freedom cry. Firstly, I struggled through what I thought was the first level…and found out it was like the prologue to the game. I said to myself “this is about to be the hardest hw I’ve ever done”. Moving through that prologue I felt like Lola; redoing the scenario until I got the favorable outcome which was escaping into the storm. 

I particularly enjoyed finding out new actions for the ship as i toggled the camera around, which I purely found by mistake at first. I said  “oh you can shoot out the side”, so it was fun getting to learn the capabilities of ship in that first part. Attacking came easy seeing that it was using my right hand mostly for the buttons. I expected to be more coordinated with he controller, but my two hands don’t do well at doing contrasting motions (I’m working on that). Today I spent nearly an hour just tying to keep the overseers from escaping (sad, I know) but I couldn’t get Adewule to swing on the rope to get to the other side of rocks so I had to swim there fast enough to catch the boast which dead took like 60 tries. But I passed nonetheless. I’ll be back doin hw again tomorrow. But so far it’s been a fun struggle. 

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