Freedom Cry – not for beginners

So, the story of my first attempt went something like this: turn on the game, find this map thing and click around for about 5 minutes while trying to figure out what I was supposed to do. Giving up, hitting escape, and then finding out that NOW the game was starting. OK, cool. The map thing was just that, a map thing… to look at… or something…

Bear with me here, this was the absolute first time I’ve ever played a game like this in my whole entire life. As such, I really had no idea what to do.

As the game started, I noticed the goals I had for that part of the game, as well as the enemy ships. I saw “find the telescope” or something like that, but I couldn’t see one.  Moving my mouse around, I noticed the camera moved with it. And then I clicked and managed to try to shoot ships. OK, so in conclusion, I had to try to shoot the other ships by clicking on them, right? Wrong. I couldn’t even see my mouse. Confusedly, I tried moving the mouse back and forth, clicking randomly. I also pressed some of the buttons I saw in the corner, but not much happened… I actually got 2 ships this way, but was then shot doFreedomCrySlaveShipwn by the last two. Maybe I’m just terrible at this game… but I really don’t think this is a game made for people who have never played a game of this kind before. I didn’t see any instructions, and I was really confused at what I was doing. I felt rather as if I’d been thrown overboard and forced to swim.

Needless to say, this ruined my mood for the rest of the night. I had been so determined to play this game without cheating, without looking it up on the internet. Someone on the blog discussed how Kentucky Route Zero had a bit of a tutorial, with you clicking around and finding stuff out. This game did not. I really could have used one, however.

Of course, I’m going to go back and play this game. Hopefully with some help from the internet, I’ll be able to at least get past the first tasks! But, until then, I turn to you guys. What on Earth am I supposed to be doing with this game?

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  1. I’ve played Assassin’s Creed 2 before, and wasn’t a huge fan. That being said, what you seem to be describing sounds like a general lack of familiarity with open world games. If this is the case, I would hardly call it cheating to look up some controls and basics on the internet. That being said, I don’t particularly view open world games, ala. Assassin’s Creed as possessing any necessary experiences. Seeing as they give the player a great deal of freedom and choice, I would view your objectives in the game to be of your own design. I would not say the same for linear games, e.g. the Uncharted series, but if a game wants the player to follow a prescribed path, I believe it should be clear enough to guide them along it. In a game like Assassin’s Creed, there’s isn’t anything in particular you’re supposed to be doing.

  2. Unlike Isaiah, I enjoy the ‘Sin Creed series, it generally has a solid intro/prologue which helps to give you a handle on controls. If not, look at the game control menu, generally that has all the informational nuggets you need. Also check out the options and make sure the HUD is on. I was playing Killzone Shadow Fall (what a name a know) and the default had the game HUD off and because it was off, it wasn’t displaying any of the prologue/introduction hints and tips and basic ‘how to’ instructions. Sometimes its little oversights like that which can really ruin a game. Hope it helps and remember: ‘To err is human, but to arr is pirate.’ Sorry not sorry had to say it.

  3. Sorry this caused so much trouble for you! I imagine if you played the base game first, it might’ve been easier. I’m thinking that perhaps because Freedom Cry was originally designed as DLC and then made into a standalone game, it either doesn’t have a tutorial or is designed for people who have eased their way into Black Flag. Good luck!

  4. Marking this as one of my favorite posts just because I saw your post title and went YES. I was just so confused as to how any controls worked in this game and Googling it did absolutely nothing – I couldn’t find any instructions or keyboard controls. I kept dying and I was so frustrated. Also, once I finally got underwater, the sharks kept trying to eat me and I just ended up swearing a lot and yelling.

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