The Walking Dead and the Question of Genre

When thinking about The Walking Dead we usually think of it as a horror or CYOA type of game. I was curious to know how other people defined this game so I decided to check Steam’s popular tags for it:

steam tags

As seen on the image above, most people seem to think of it as adventure/horror/CYOA as I first imagined. It’s also interesting to see tags like Visual Novel and Comic Book for a game. Then I decided to check the game’s official website and on its FAQ session it’s written that the game is an Adventure Horror game (under the question “What kind of game is this?”). Something curious, however, was what was written under the question “How long is each episode?”

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 23.45.10

What I found curious was how the creators emphasized how the game is not supposed to be hard (something debatable, as seen in other people’s posts) and how they want the players to complete each episode to experience the story. I really love the story of TWD series and it is definitely what makes the game so amazing in my opinion. This emphasis reminded me of the chapter “Computer Games as Narrative” in Avatars of Story, as the creators imply in that description that the narrative is what matters and not other “game-like” aspects like the gameplay.

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