Anime based video games (specifically One Piece)

Hello everyone! If you are a fan of One piece, then I highly recommend playing One Piece Treasure Cruise. It’s almost an exact replica of Final Fantasy in that it allows you to take turns attacking and you go through multiple stages to reach a boss stage. In this game, your purpose is to gather up characters from the One piece anime and create a crew to battle the villains that the characters face in the actual anime. There’s both a Japanese and an English version. The Japanese version isn’t available in the US (though there are ways to get it anyways) and the English version is far behind the Japanese version. But, no matter what version you get, this game is really easy and fun to play. You can download from the app store and it’s COMPLETELY free (though there are purchasable things in game). For those who already know of the anime, this is a fun little game that gives the anime a unique and interesting twist.


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