Assassin’s Creed Liberation: The Power of Clothing

This isn’t my first time playing games from the Assassin’s Creed series. However, I don’t recall ever choosing between outfits that provided a different set of skills. The thing is it made sense. Within the first half hour of the game, you are exposed to three different outfits for your main character. One which you are wearing at the time is your assassin’s outfit. You are notorious in this outfit and thus, easily noticeable by guards. However, the combat benefits as well as having access to your full range of movements makes the notoriety worth it.

When the character automatically changed into this outfit I didn’t think twice about it. However, when I had to choose I started to think about why the outfit makes such a big difference and what that difference actually says about the game. Aside from the obvious fact that an assassins outfit makes you stand out amongst the crowd, the strengths and weaknesses of Aveline’s outfits were clearly well thought out and show a lot about her environment.

“Lady” Aveline has the ability to charm guards into protecting her for short periods of time.
Aveline’s lady outfit is restricting. It makes her worse in combat and doesn’t allow her to free run around the city. When it comes to getting around, she is as limited as any other civilian. She must use the streets. However, what she lacks in range of movement, she makes up for with her charm ability and her low notoriety. When she starts garnering attention, all you have to do is kill witnesses of whatever act garnered the attention.
This outfit is a symbol for the high class status of an otherwise oppressed woman. In any other outfit, Aveline’s wrongs quickly draw the attention of guards. However, an expensive looking outfit shows that Aveline has money and power, unlike all the poor slaves. Guards associate this power and money with innocence.

Aveline’s slave outfit serves as a kind of middle ground between the lady outfit and the assassin’s outfit in terms of notoriety and skills in combat. However, as a slave she is given the full range of motion. The most fascinating part about Aveline’s slave outfit is that to reduce notoriety you simply have to take down wanted posters. The guards easily notice her wrongs, but with the same clothing as every other civilian, she’ll blend right back in without physical reminders that she is a deviant.

What do you think Aveline’s clothing and the strengths and weaknesses that each outfit give her? How did you read into what it says about the game environment?

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