Pillars of Eternity Pre-release

My level of excitement around the release of Pillars of Eternity is, for me at least, ridiculous. I am in general a calm and temperate person rarely stirred to raising my voice and i almost never get anxious or agitated. And yet i find myself sitting here writing about my pre-release feelings because i can’t stop thinking about playing this game. I may not be wildly swinging my hands in the air or yelling, but i am absolutely thrilled. What is a real shame is that the game is being released one hour before class starts on Thursday the 26th of March. I may be a tad bit late that day.

Pillars of Eternity represents to me a great deal more than just a game. For one thing it symbolizes a lost childhood, back when i played Dungeons and Dragons with my brother, his older friends, and one of their fathers (as DM of course). When my brothers friends went to college i moved on to different things but I’ve never forgotten how much i enjoyed the tabletop game format. In addition to this, I also feel like this is my chance at a genre that i was just a little too young for. By the time i started playing, video games like Baldur’s Gate and Icewind Dale were out of the limelight and the consoles, to my eyes at least, reined supreme. I feel like i missed out on the heyday of this gaming style and am being given a second chance in the form of Pillars of Eternity.

Now onto the game itself which looks stupendous! I’ve watched a pre-release lets play as any gamer sensible with their money should and I believe i am entirely justified in my pre-ordering the game. The developers recognized that the core of a DnD RPG is the rule set and mechanics and so built an entirely new set for the game. The balancing of the games mechanics and rule set looks well done and is likely to be a core element of the games charm. What makes this kind of mechanics so different from so many rule sets is that at their core many other games are just trying to maximize everything. Higher tier armor and weapons with ever increasing damage and armor. From what I’ve seen of Pillars of Eternity picking a small shield or a large one is not an issue of better or worse but of play style and preference. One gives less damage reduction but the other reduces your accuracy equivalently. This system seems very promising and i’m extremely excited to jump in.

I know that my feelings about this game may not apply to everyone but i expect everyone has a had a similar experience about a game before and i hope you can connect with my feelings at this moment.

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