The Walking Dead: Glenn dislikes your decision

I was playing the Walking Dead Season 1 and came upon a critical decision in Episode 1, whether or not to give a gun to a zombie-bitten woman so she can commit suicide. Well, it’s not actually that critical because the woman ends up killing herself with the gun anyway.

Now what happened here was that the main character Lee, Glenn, and Carla went to go save a woman trapped in a room at a motor inn. Unbeknownst to them, the woman happens to be bitten by a zombie and has no chance of survival. As a result, the woman pleads to let her have a gun to kill herself before she turns into a zombie. As Lee, the player has the choice to tell Carla to give the woman the gun or tell the woman she cannot have the gun. Either way, the woman obtains the gun and shoots herself.

I found Glenn’s reactions to the aftermath of the event to be surprising. In both cases, Glenn is dissatisfied with Lee’s decision.  The first clip shows Glenn’s reaction if Lee chooses to let the woman have the gun and the second clip shows Glenn’s reaction if Lee chooses not to let the woman have the gun.

I feel this is a good example of how people regret their decisions in hindsight, or in Glenn’s case, dislike other people’s choices. One of the major ideas that Lee expressed was that in critical moments, people often make choices that they will look back upon and regret. But there is no point in dwelling on past decisions because there is no possible way to change them (well in real life anyway).

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  1. Though I’ve only played through once and therefore, don’t know what would’ve happened by making decisions differing from the ones I made during the first play through, I suspect that this situation (No matter the decision you make, the character you are affecting is still unhappy) happens more than once. I think that this not only points to the conclusion that you came to at the end of your post, but that the game developers were also trying to show us how easy it is to judge someone else’s decision. Glenn did not have to decide so therefore, he could be disappointed in either decision you make. It shows that instead of being angry at other’s decisions in difficult situations, you should be accepting and supportive that they were able to make a decision at all when it is a lose-lose setup.

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