glutton for punishment

I know I am a little late to the game here, but I recently started playing Dark Souls after realizing I picked it up in a humble bundle or a steam sale sometime in the past couple years. For anyone who isn’t aware Dark Souls, and any other games in the same series or spiritual successors such as the recent PS4 exclusive Bloodborne, are all essentially marketed on being hard as fuck.
But what is strange is even as I continue to die over, and over again on the weakest of enemies while trying to complete tasks other games make look trivial, I can’t get enough of it. While the controls often feel clunky and un-responsive, and I make only very slow progress I can’t help but keep coming back.
It also has the interesting effect of not making me angry when I die. Do I stop playing after a death which knocks my progress back? Hell yes! But is it because of anger? strangely, no.
I just find myself quitting for a little while and then re-approaching the situation at a later point and retrying. I just wonder with the game being so intentionally difficult, why doesn’t it produce the same type of frustration other games produce? and why can’t I stop going back for more?

Also this video showcases the tutorial boss….

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  1. The wonderful thing about Dark Souls is that, punishing as it is, it never feels unfair. You never die and think “Oh wow, how stupid, there was no way I could have prevented that.” Instead it’s more “Alright, I see what I did wrong there. I’ll try to avoid doing that again next time.” Deaths never feel arbitrary, there’s always a way to improve, and eventually overcome.

    Out of curiosity, what do you think of the narrative? Specifically the way it is delivered. There’s some really interesting stuff going on with Dark Souls narrative-wise, and I always enjoy hearing people’s impressions as they play through.

  2. I haven’t really been the best at following the narrative. So far I haven’t gotten past the part where you light the two bells. But I can appreciate how a lot of what you learn about the world is through encounters with other characters who you might not find if you don’t explore extensively. I also feel like this exploration aspect adds a great deal to the narrative as even when no actual story is given moving through the levels feels like you are moving forward with the plot.

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