Groupie 4 Blooper Reel

Much like Assignment 1, Assignment 2 was also a valuable experience that definitely warrants a follow-up. From start (which happened some two weeks later than we all would’ve liked, namely on Saturday morning) to finish, it was a wild ride full of dying to Brenda, giggling, uncalled-for profanity, deliberately dying to Brenda for illustration purposes, trying (and failing) to hide my Justin Bieber sheets (a gag gift from a friend) and struggling to get the technology to work. With this unique look behind the scenes, join us as we discuss why or why not the idea of platform studies is, uh, I think the proper scientific term for it is crap.

Right off the bat, while recording the intro, I fail to realize that my mic is off, so I just look hella awkward while silently yelling at the screen for a minute or so:

The next attempt at being serious fails equally miserably:

Then Andrew proceeds to inform us that the tablet controls felt very clunkly (sic):

Allison’s OH SHIT actually made it into the final cut, and is by far my favorite part of the video:

Oh, so now it’s recording? Siiiiigh.

The fact that this is 3.5 minutes long and we wanted to fit a fair bit of it in ~a quarter of the final cut before just deciding to drop it all showcases our impeccable time management skills:

Massive thanks to Andrew and Allison, without whom this would not have been possible.

I’m looking forward to hearing about everyone else’s team experiences!

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  1. I wanted to let you know that I chose this as one of my favorite blog posts for the semester. I like this post because it not only shows the amount of work that went into our video making project, but also how fun it was to do it. There are very few classes that mix fun and work this well.

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