Killing Guards in AC and Empathy

I have this tendency in video games to try to always be nice and pick the “good side”. In the case of Assassin’s Creed I always try to only kill guards if I really have to.

“Should I kill them? What if they have children?”

However, that changed when I first played Assassin’s Creed III. When I started playing as Connor, whose mother is Native American and father is white, I tried to put myself into his shoes. He sees his people being constantly attacked and killed and he wants to change it. Then, when I was at the cities I didn’t feel sorry for killing guards, after all they were killing my people as well. The same happened while playing Freedom Cry. Those guards are enslaving my people and they would also enslave me if they had the chance. So why should I feel sorry for them if they don’t feel sorry for me?

“Sorry not sorry.”

Does anyone have these types of feelings while playing those or other games?

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