No, I’m not antisocial, nor a hermit thank you.

Before I begin, I apologize for the very angry tone you are about to read. 

Stereotypical gamer? An overweight, antisocial boy who sits in his room surrounded by posters of half-naked video game and anime characters. Generally, this boy is thought to have no friends, unless you count his guild in World of Warcraft. The only interaction with the female gender this boy gets is with female avatars (and who knows?! They could really be other boys like him!)

Is the remotely accurate? No fucking way.

Since I have begun to enjoy video games, I have been forced to listen to countless comments about my gaming habits. “You’re wasting your talents.” “You’re a hermit.” “You’re letting someone else choose what you like.” “Do you ever go out with friends.”

I could go on, but for your sake, I won’t.

I think it’s time for people to get with the times. Everyone can play video games. Every one can enjoy video games. It doesn’t matter what you look like.

I can play video games for 12 hours straight if I want to. That doesn’t make me antisocial. I can play games an go out with friends. The two are not mutually exclusive.

Video games have been changing over the past years. Though at the beginning, they were often done alone, the rise of team games has been changing this philosophy.

Team games are a social experience as players often group call while playing. Yes, this is not face to face interaction, but it is social interaction. That needs to be acknowledged.

Here’s another thing that needs to stop. Video games were designed to be enjoyed. So stop telling people that they are doing the wrong thing by enjoying them. That’s literally their purpose. So people need to realize that enjoying games is perfectly okay, no matter who you are. Enjoying something that was designed to be enjoyed does not make you weird, it doesn’t make you antisocial, it doesn’t mean that you’re a hermit. It simply means you like something. You can like something. That is absolutely allowed.

I think the problem arises from the fact that people who don’t play games see them a different way. They bring their own, often unfounded, biases. They judge something that they do not know and do not care to know.

It’s unfair to call me a hermit and tell me I’m wasting my intelligence on games.

Also, games don’t make you less intelligent. It used to be a common belief that video games rot your brain. But that’s just plain not true. Games can actually teach you a lot. MOBA’s can teach effective team work. RTS’s teach multitasking and help cultivate the ability to strategize and adapt strategies in various situations.

Games don’t make you dumber. They can actually do quite the opposite.

I think it is completely unfair to judge before you have all the facts.

Gamers are not weird, we’re not antisocial, we aren’t perverts or hermits. Girls who play games aren’t attention-whores. We are people who enjoy a thing that was designed for our enjoyment.

(This post was not directed at anyone. I’m sure you know that!)

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  1. As an avid gamer who doesn’t exactly fit the stereotypical image of a gamer — I spend upwards of 20 hours a week playing games during my free time — I can relate to this post. Whenever a friend walks into my room to ask me to Val or to start pregaming an event on the weekend, I more than times than not receive the same judgmental response, especially when someone just finds out that I like to play video games. Whether I have a headset on talking to friends/family from home or whether I’m completely immersed in a single player experience, I always hear a snicker or a joke from anyone that “catches” me gaming. It definitely hurts to feel like I need to quickly put down my controller whenever a friend of mine walks into the room unannounced. This is something that really needs to be reassessed by those who don’t identify themselves as gamers/have a preconceived notion of who gamers are because we all have hobbies and activities that help us unwind. Sure I like to go to the gym or play sports with my friends to relax, but video games provide me with a similar sense of pleasure that I wouldn’t trade for anything. Like you said, games are for enjoyment and a lot of people really need to respect that right. Great post by the way!

  2. I just wanted to tell you that this was one of my favorite blog posts of the semester. Growing up, I definitely felt like this, but with most of the pressure to do other things coming from my parents instead of my peers. I hope that the idea that video games are solely recreational and not intellectual will slowly disappear, as it is definitely not true.

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