Review of ‘The Walking Dead’

I’ve watched the walking dead series for a while now and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Having said that, it comes to no one’s surprise that I also enjoyed playing the video game. However, it didn’t feel like a normal video game. It seemed like I had more choices and more power in this game than I would normally have playing any of the other games I usually play.One thing that was quite surprising was how different this game was from the show. The main contrast is that the protagonist of the show is a white male who is a cop whereas the protagonist of this game is a black male who is convicted of murder. It’s difficult to be any more different than that.

Nevertheless, they still kept some of the original cast such as Glen. This was done in order to ensure that the video game doesn’t stray too far from the show and Glen is a great character that deserves to be in both platforms. Along with keeping some of the cast, the animation incorporates aspects of the manga as well since the original source for the show was the manga. In this way, the game will connect with more people since it utilizes familiar aspects of each platform and puts them all into one final platform.

Apart from the animation, the story line is quite unique in that it gives the players a sense of control that very few games do. It’s almost like a create your own adventure novel except that your choices do not really matter much at the end since all of the choices lead to the same ending. However, creating a game that gives its players this sense of control is quite unprecedented and makes the game as good as it is.

Overall, the Walking Dead is an amazing show/manga/video game and I highly recommend everyone to read/watch/play at least one of these platforms.

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