Smite and unsatisfying victories in games

There has been talk of MOBA’s on the blog before, and the ways in which they are addicting, and how some have steep learning curves or confusing elements which aren’t explained very well by the games tutorial, and many other valid points about the genre. But I have a much more shallow complaint. My complaint is that when I am crushing the enemy team with a kill streak of eight as my favorite god Thanatos (pictured, and featured in the video below) the most unsatisfying thing usually happens. The other team arrives at the decision that my team is too strong, and that they might as well just give up. In many other MOBA’s this would simply mean sitting back and allowing my team to win. But in Smite (my MOBA of choice) the developers included a surrender feature. This means that once the game has gone on for a certain amount of time (usually ten or fifteen minutes) they can just surrender so they don’t have to keep playing a losing game. My complaint is that it often times creates a very unsatisfying experience for the winning team. I don’t want to win because the other team gives up. I want to win by squeezing the last ounce of life from their bodies and watching them despair as I descend as the angel of death to wreak havoc among them. (There is a reason Thanatos is my favorite god. What I guess I am asking is what do other people think about this? What are the pros and cons of this surrender system? Are there other games with similar systems? Does anyone else play Smite?

Also watch Thanatos kick some ass, and enjoy this guys amazing laughter.

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  1. While I agree with the disappointment in having a kill streak ended by a surrender vote, the alternative is to potentially play with a troll or an afk player for the duration of the game. There is no fun for me in winning a 4v5, I’d rather have a surrender vote pass and play a new game. I mean the alternative to what you suggested is the team sits back and lets you win. To me, there would be less fun in winning while a team afks in their base, I mean you can’t sky-merc with Thanatos if they’re all on their base.

  2. In MOBAs especially it is very difficult for one team to catch up once they have fallen behind. That’s not to say it never happens, but when you’re entire team is four levels behind? When the enemy carry is 24-0 and showing no signs of slowing down? That’s about time to throw in the towel. And sure, while a successful surrender may not be as fulfilling as a more conventional win, I’d argue that the frustration that comes with being obligated to finish a game with no hope of victory is much worse. I’ll take 20 minute surrenders over fountain farming any day.

  3. I can understand the frustration of being in a losing game, but for me I’ve made it a point of refusing to surrender no matter how bad my team is doing. My friends and I often refuse to surrender. Declaring in chat “never submit! never surrender! Fight to the last Breath!”. This has on occasion led to a miraculous recovery for our team, and ultimately a victory. But even when it doesn’t lead to this it usually results in a fun loss for the rest of the game.

  4. I used to subscribe to the same idea that one should never surrender in a MOBA, because, as you say, there is oftentimes the chance that the other team slips up or you simply manage to outplay them. However, my experience with playing from far, far behind in League of Legends is more often than not completely miserable. As Vronk was saying, a solid carry that doesn’t slip up will do just that: carry. When your team comp allows for a crazy amount of counter-seige, the game could be extended indefinitely. There’s a certain point where I just want the game to finish, and I don’t even care about winning or losing anymore. This is what the surrender is for, and while I don’t use it liberally, I try to exit gracefully before I reach that miserable point.

  5. Just a sidenot point on Dota 2 aspects of this issue, the game introduced a few patches ago the “comeback” mechanic where the team who is behind receives more gold and exp for killing heroes on the winning team, so if your behind but play a fight well you exponentially comeback into the game.

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