5 Sayings People Use to Ridicule Your Game Playing

Whether you’re playing video games with a group of friends, online, or with someone spectating, you have heard at least one of these sayings that people like to ridicule you with. You’re simply trying to enjoy yourself. Finally you have found an outlet to escape from reality for a while, but then it happens. Someone comes along to take you out of your zone by saying one of these things.

1) “Is there even a point to this game”

This is my personal favorite line from people who have never even played the game. It is commonly used by parents or geriatrics, although I have witnessed young people use this saying as well. Just last week I was playing GTA5 with a group of friends and one of them said sarcastically “Oh this is so fun, you guys are so cool just running around killing people and blowing things up. Is there even a point to this game”. This person was clearly jealous that we were having fun, and the point is just that, to have fun. I think whenever a person says this to ridicule your game playing the only logical thing to do is hand them the controller.. or tell them to shut up.

BTW I’m not generalizing old geezers. Old people can have fun playing video games too.

Check out this video of elders playing GTA5

2) “This kid is a scrub/newb”

This saying if often used by gamers who believe they are elite, superior to other gamers that are new or unskilled. This is typically said directly to the person as a put down. Realistically as a casual gamer this ridicule often has little to no effect as an insult. Just because someone hasn’t had as much experience playing the game, doesn’t make them any less of a person. The person who calls another player a newb or a scrub is really revealing that they are a condescending douche with probably too much time on their hands. When I hear this ridicule used I often think and/or reply “so what?”.

3) “Aren’t you a little old to be playing video games” or “How old are you like 30?”

If you’re playing a video game online and are over the age of 20 you’ve probably heard this ridicule from a person in their early teens. Or you may have heard someone who does not play video games at all use this saying. The truth is one day these youngins are going to grow up and become that older person who plays video games and they too will know what it is like to be ridiculed by a 13 year old. As for the people who are older and ridicule another person for playing video games, often using the term “man-child” (or whatever term they use to make them feel better about themselves) they are just close-minded and boring people. And who said that video games are meant only for children, that’s like saying movies are only for children. And if that were the case, I once read a quote online somewhere that said

“Be a child when you can be, and be an adult when you have to be”

                                                                                -Abraham Lincoln

4) “I banged your mom”

Ahhh the good old I banged your mom ridicule, used by 13 year old gamers and internet trolls everywhere. It seems like I can’t play a game online for 5 minutes without hearing someone say this. It’s just so played out and unfunny, even the times when it was funny because it was ironic are over. Just don’t do this. You never know someone’s relationship with their mother, whether they have been departed or going through a critical moment in their life.

5) “You’re a #!@$” /  insert derogatory slur here________

This is another ridicule that should never, ever ever ever, ever ever ever, be used. It is exclusive to online gaming and used by trolls or people who are just ignorant. The bottom line is, these people would never say these kind of things to people’s faces, and they are just trying to get a reaction out of people. The best thing to do is just ignore this type of person because they feed off of reactions.

What ridicule about game playing do you often hear and/or dislike? Comment Below !

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  1. Not exactly an insult, but in competitive games, when the other team scores the first point of anything, whether it be kills, or points, goals, or whatever, and then someone in your team days ” well fuck might as well give up now” I kinda want to die that person out of a cannon.

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