A Game That Challenges The Illusion Of Choice

In games like The Walking Dead our choices don’t really affect how the end of the story will be. We have this illusion of choice throughout the game which is a topic already very discussed among us. However, a game that challenges that is Heavy Rain.

Heavy Rain and the four playable characters.

Heavy Rain is an amazing action/adventure game exclusive of the PlayStation3 about the abduction of Shaun, Ethan’s son, by the Origami Killer. What is really interesting about Heavy Rain is how any of the four main playable characters can die or get incapacitated throughout the game, which means that they may not appear in future scenes and that will alter the ending. There are more than 20 endings and I wouldn’t say there is a “true” one, although some are happier than others. I think Heavy Rain feels more like a CYOA since there are so many endings while TWD has the whole story already determined.

If you ever have the chance to play Heavy Rain I really recommend it! (It has some very brutal parts though). And if you don’t mind a lot of spoilers here is a video I found containing all (or almost all) possible endings:

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  1. I played Heavy Rain a couple years ago and I totally agree that it feels more like a CYOA than games like The Walking Dead! With Heavy Rain, it felt like all of my decisions mattered and I basically got the endings I deserved for each character because of those decisions as opposed to The Walking Dead giving the player that illusion just to end in the same place. I have other criticisms about Heavy Rain, but I definitely think that it does what a lot of games try to do in terms of choice and does it well because your choices feel like they all matter at the end and I think that’s how every player wants to feel at the end of these types of games.

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