Playing emulated games, and what that does to the game

Basically I just want to take a moment to talk about emulated games. I recently found out that there is a free GameBoy Advance emulator available for my android phone. SO of course I downloaded it and began to play some of my favorite old GBA games. But what I discovered in doing this is that the emulator really only works for certain types of games, namely those games where having precise timing isn’t important. because of the way the buttons work on these emulated versions ti is incredibly difficult to play a game which takes any sort of timing, you will just lose over and over again because of clunky controls. This was only a surface level observation for myself. But it made me wonder, how might games being played in emulated format, or any other format create a different experience than originally intended. For example is playing Pokemon Yellow the same on GameBoy pocket as it is on an emulator? Also I would like to ask what this might mean for the future of video game history. Such as looking back and playing games where the original system is no longer available.

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  1. I agree that on a phone an emulator has some glitches that make gret classics so much less great. On a computer, pressing a limited number of buttons on a surface shared with the actual visual part of the game is no longer part of the experience. There are also many many mods on a computer, especially to speed up the game. I’ve played pokemon on x5 the speed every single time on an emulator. It kind of takes away from the experience, but also adds to it at the same time. You have less appreciation for the game because of how fast you breeze through it, but are willing to do more (like catch more pokemon) because it is no longer time consuming to do so.

    1. I definitely agree. The playing experience is vastly different on a computer than on the intended console, but I don’t think it’s any worse, simply different. Even more, though, the very nature of the game often changes. People design and play their own versions of the same game, most often with pokemon, but with other games as well. There are so many challenges and quests exclusive to the computer version of games that simply didn’t exist on gameboy. While a purist might distain, I think it’s really neat.

  2. I think that is depend on how you are playing the game. If you play it on a phone or computer the way you experience the game is different which can make it a lot harder if you can’t get used to the controls. But if you can manage to find a controller made for accurately playing then the experience seems to improve. The closer you get to the original, though the better.

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