Mario Kart Stress

I think I’ve played Mario Kart maybe once in my life probably seven or eight years ago.  I’ve played remarkably few Nintendo games; Playstation was always my main platform.  I do have a Wii, but I almost never play it.  When our group was short one inexperienced player, I reluctantly volunteered as tribute.

I used that phrase because it felt like I was going in for the Hunger Games with no expectation of winning.  Having to ask about the controls also inspired little confidence.  I tried to take a deep breath and remind myself that, with one or two exceptions, I don’t care what this class thinks of me.  It was almost helpful, until I remembered those one or two exceptions.

I’m a fairly competitive person.  My parents are so competitive that they sometimes argue about who is more or less competitive.  I have inherited a good share of this outlook.  Therefore, if you put me in a competition/race, I’m going to try to win.  I’m also going to take pride in being better than you, because I’m a human being.

I won’t say that my anxiety disappeared when the race started.  It didn’t.  I was still very nervous and not confident in my abilities.  I mean, I was going up against two experienced Mario Kart-ers.  It somehow didn’t matter, though.  Being nervous and performing didn’t matter nearly as much as winning.

And that’s what I did.

The anxiety didn’t actually subside until all three races were over, and even then there had to be a cooling off period.  An approximately hour-long cooling off period.

There’s something so engrossing about a racing game.  Everything about it is simple – go forward and pass everyone else.  The graphics play at being intricate and distracting, but tunnel vision is easy to achieve – the road can be the only thing you see.  You can check your standing very easily as well – the large number in the corner of each screen is easy to glance at.  The fact that you always have to be engaged with the race in order to succeed – there’s no standing around and waiting – also helps to immerse you and keep your anxiety and dwelling-time to a minimum.

All in all, I’m actually still not sure how I feel about the experience.  I’m proud of myself for destroying my opponents, but I don’t know that I enjoyed the experience of playing in class.

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  1. I think that it is awesome what you did. Being inexperienced and taking on everyone and then coming out on top is a huge achievement and you should be proud of yourself for it. I think the fact that you played it in class is especially exceptional since the whole class could witness your victory even if you were anxious from the start. I also think that you deserved the win just for being brave enough to step up and pushing past your anxiety. You shouldn’t care what others thought of the race, but I found each one entertaining and I want to thank you for your performance.

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