The Effect of Alcohol on Gameplay

Every Saturday night I’m not working security at the Powerhouse, you can hear screams coming from my Cohan room. Recently, the cause of that has been an out-of-this-world increase in the local arachnid population whose only goal seems to be to eat me alive, but other than that… Yeah, I’m Serbian, but I assure you I’m not slicing people up and keeping severed limbs in my drawers (or otherwise we would’ve received an email from Biddy already). And unfortunately, my girlfriend is currently in Ireland, so it’s not *that* either. Nah, it’s actually just me drunkplaying videogames.

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of playing Mortal Kombat with me, you know I’m the true master of sodium chloride. I breathe salt. I speak salt and I sweat salt (okay, that last one is actually true for everyone). What my drawers do in fact hold is a bunch of controllers I threw at the wall in a fit of rage. Long story short, I get mad at videogames. The better I am at a game, the worse it is – as soon as someone manages to beat me, I’ll be demoralized and go on a losing streak (except in League of Legends; the number of trolls, feeders and AFKs in all of my games reminds me how much salt can ruin a team game, so I tend to maintain my composure). Except when I’m tipsy, see.

Then, I just laugh like a maniac at everything. Every missed X-ray move, every win cheesed out by spamming teleport and nothing else, every time I fall off a building in Remember Me – all absolutely hilarious. Every non-combo punch I land – OMG DUDE DID YOU SEE THAT THAT WAS BADASS MOM GET THE CAMERA. All the games I tryhard by day moonlight as games with entirely different objectives. Gran Turismo? Oh, you mean that game where you speed up to 270 mph and crash into a wall to see if it’ll break the physics engine? Assassin’s Creed? Oh, that game where you just walk and walk and walk and have a fun time content surfing? Oh wait, that’s sober AC too.

Anyway, while I’m not promoting getting blackout drunk and while it’s important to take into account that YMMV, indulging responsibly while playing with friends can make for a much more relaxed experience, especially if you’re struggling with excessive competitiveness. Your controllers will be grateful.

16 thoughts on “The Effect of Alcohol on Gameplay

  1. I have to say, I quite enjoyed reading this post. Also, we should play more mortal kombat when you’re drunk, I want to see this type of behavior first hand.

  2. This has to be one of my favorite posts of the semester. While many of the blogs throughout all blog groups focus on academic discourse and serious gaming issues, it is very refreshing to read a post and not be able to stop laughing until I was finished. I loved the way you wrote this as it captured me from the first word to the last, and I often find myself thinking about this post and still laughing out loud. Aside from the academic side of blogging, we are supposed to have fun using this medium, and I cannot think of another post that captures the element of fun more than this one!

  3. This is one of my favorite posts from the semester. This post was hilarious and probably quite relatable for many of us. It was a great break from the very serious discussions and provided a fun and lighthearted topic to talk about. Thank you for you post!

  4. This is also one of my favorite posts of the semester. It’s hilarious–the descriptions are vivid and I love how I can see them so clearly in my head.

  5. I wanted to let you know that this was one of my favorite posts this semester. I like this post because even though I haven’t played video games with drunk you, this post allows me to picture in my mind how fun it would be if I were to play video games with drunk you. I’m not saying that it’s not fun playing games with sober you, but I would much prefer drunk you. Thanks for the laughs.

  6. This was also one of my favorite posts this semester, as I thoroughly enjoyed your exploration of how intoxication can affect gameplay. You use humor very effectively in creating a persuasive argument.

  7. I <3 you all! Thank you so much for the kind words; I really appreciate it! It's been a pleasure taking this course with y'all, and I may very well keep blogging in the future, for old times' sake 🙂

  8. Nice. Having a couple of drinks while playing video games is pretty fun, I’m not gonna lie. It’s especially fun with friends who are competitive as hell. Mutual friendly trash talk is quite entertaining. Each win is the best thing ever, sudden screams of excitement and victory is too sweet. It brings out the super competitive nature out of friends.

  9. Fantastic post mate, i think the enjoyment and hilarity that comes from playing games drunk is something which is highly underrated. This kind of personal experience presenting an under utilized method of enjoyment is a great use of this blog.

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