The Quarters Experience

I think I am probably the only person who actually recorded a video of our trip to Quarters (because I thought we were supposed to … ) I didn’t get much footage though because it was really dark there and my camera ran out of memory but I put together a short video of little clips that I did manage to take. Now, I’m really glad I found about this place. It’s so cool and it was a nice trip back into the past. While the place was really awesome and I plan to go back one day for a drink and a trip down memory lane, there were a lot of people when my group went. As can be seen in the video, there are adults drinking and eating while the kids are running about playing every game. It was really nice to see that the kids of today are being exposed to the old-school games but at the same time, I did not really allow me to get a chance to play much. I did get to play one game though, and it made me realize how spoiled I am by the awesomeness of today’s technology. I don’t remember the name of the game I played but basically all you could do was jump or punch and there was no flexibility in the movements (yeah, not that I was expecting any from these old-school games), which the games today really boast and advertise. Needless to say, I did get bored pretty quickly but overall, it was great finding out about this place.

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