Gender Ratios in Videogames

Throughout the semester, I’ve been very interested in discovering the gender division in people who play Videogames. According to the study located here, the division is much smaller than people could assume. The division is 60/40. This comes as a shock to many people, and I, personally, was interested to see this difference.

I personally play on an RP Forum-based game site, and decided to attempt to get some percentages as to how many people of each gender played on that particular forum. The results were astounding, shocking even me. 75% of all players on the site turned out to be female, meaning that only 25% of all players on the RP site were male. It was really surprising to see that sort of result play out on this sort of website, so that got me thinking, does this mean that different genders tend to favor different games?

This study was very interesting to read about, a study which mentioned that male and female gamers IN GENERAL tended to enjoy different sorts of games, with males favoring “Strategy, Role Playing, Action, and Fighting genres” and females preferring “Social, Puzzle/Card, Music/Dance, Educational/Edutainment, and Simulation genres.” This study also delves into how much time each gender tends to spend on gaming vs other forms of entertainment such as TV, arriving at the conclusion that males will spend more time gaming while females spend more time on TV, and each preferring different pastimes. Apparently the Video Game industry has been attempting to direct more types of video games towards females than males, which makes a lot of sense considering they form 40% of the total demographic of people who play video games, and while I think studies like these come in handy, I cannot help but wonder if these preferences are created by the society in which we live. I mean, think about it! It seems that the types of games males and females prefer mostly fit into a stereotypical sort of gameplay. Of course, more research needs to be done on this, and I have a lot of nifty little graphs I’d love to show everybody except for the fact that I cannot figure out how to move them from Microsoft Word to upload them here. Gosh darn it, but I will figure this out! Anyway, for now, this is the information and research I have, and hopefully I’ll be able to transfer the graphs I gained from polling the RP website community into here at some point so people can have some interesting charts to examine.

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  1. I’m putting this down as one of my favorite four posts of the semester. I find the oftentimes surprising gender demographics of those who play videogames absolutely fascinating, and I love to read about it.

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