Disclaimer: I don’t have a phone with a fancy camera, and as a result it turns out none of pictures or videos are worth a damn off my device. Seriously, the uploads were disgusting.

I didn’t have the greatest time at Quarters. Arcades were never really my thing. And Quarters was no exception.

Firstly, the space was too small. The picture above wouldn’t suggest it, but when we went, on a Wednesday night last week, there were a lot more people. For one, all 14 of us went at once, at about 6 pm. When we got there, there was already a large party of adolescents and their parents, seemingly celebrating one of the kids’ birthday. I’m not a fan of kids, and on that night, there were several. The space was tight with all of us running around trying to play the games. There were not enough games for everyone, and since we got there after the other party, a few of us had to sit out and wait for a game to become available. I was one of those people. For the first 20 mins I sat around, pretending to play on my phone (no Wi-fi so…), waiting to start our assignment. For being surrounded by people (almost all of them strangers), it was surprisingly lonely.

Once a game became available, I spent all of my time, and my quarters, on it. I spent every quarter allotted me on BurgerTime. It was actually pretty fun. I had never heard of the game before last Wednesday. I really enjoyed it, until my quarters ran out. The only other aspect I enjoyed at Quarters was the projection of Garfield against the back wall. I couldn’t even hear the dialogue, but it reminded me of reading the Sunday comic strips as a child (admittedly, The Boondocks was my favorite strip).

I am not an arcade gamer, although I do enjoy arcade games, but on consoles or even those little plug-in joystick games. I don’t enjoy the atmosphere of the arcade, and the tight space of Quarters was not for me. But I could see the appeal it had for others.

That plug-in joystick I was talking about.


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