Rachel Bryk, a Paragon in the Gaming World.

I can’t say that I ever used an emulator for Wii or Gamecube, but anyone that has owes that privilege of being able to play Wii games on their PC to the efforts of Rachel Bryk. This post won’t do her justice because I don’t know that much about her, and I am not going to pretend otherwise. What I can say is that she seemed to be a Giant in the industry of emulators and the shadow she cast is a long one.

This is not going to be a particularly professional post. What I can say is that I am appalled by the people who urged her to commit suicide. The level of small-mindedness and cowardice that those internet creatures exhibited is unforgivable. They disgust me. Seriously FUCK THOSE KIDS. They are kids, regardless of their age. They are small-minded, insecure, pip-squeaks who believe that the only way they can bring themselves up is to tear another down. FUCK THEM. Trace their IPs, charge them with manslaughter and keep them from ever doing this again to another vulnerable person down the line. Being comfortable with one’s body and mind is a right not a fucking privilege.

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  1. Damn, this is horrible. I haven’t heard of Rachel Bryk, despite using Dolphin to play Project M, nor did I hear of her death. What I read of it shocked me- the fact that some idiot can use their anonymity to encourage someone to kill themselves is disgusting, though I unfortunately know how common it is. I just can’t even imagine what would make someone believe that that’s ok.

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