Are we evolving… into Avatars?

They call it Gamification. It is the use of game thinking in a non-gaming context. While it is widely used in he finance sector as a means of encouraging certain behavior by its participants this image suggests a different type of Gamification; literally seeing the non-gaming world in a videogaming context. What is gaming doing to ones psyche when a player spends more time engaging in a virtual world than in the real one. The crossover of one world to another is inevitable and could be changing the minds of how these individuals interact with the real world. Do people look at fancy cars and imagine pulling the driver out and driving off in their new whip, or see a garbage dumpster and imagine hiding behind it while taking fire from some kind of enemy. These little things may become disturbing if reality is no longer seen as what it is, but what it is believed to be if the violent and aggressive games are being referenced and imprinted on one’s actuality.