Making Friends Through Games

When I was in high school, I played a Chinese MMORPG called Perfect World (North American version: Perfect World International). I created a guild with the aim of becoming one of the top guilds in the newly created server (we did). We did what competitive guilds do, bought a server for Ventrilo, a voice chatting program designed for large groups of people. Through Ventrilo and PWI, I became really close friends with several guildmates to the point where we even shared our account info (lol yes we did, trust was there) to help each other out and stuff. We played together for a couple of years, but then quit the game because it was getting unbalanced and more pay to win. Although we quit, we still kept in contact due to our mutual interest in games, but that eventually quieted down. Fast forward a couple years later, one of the friends I made actually flew from Texas to New York to give me and a couple of other friends who lived in the area a visit. It was awesome.

tl;dr: Friendships can be made through games.

2 thoughts on “Making Friends Through Games

  1. I’m choosing this post as one of my favorites for the semester, since it reminded me of the great experience I had meeting people in World of Warcraft. I made some friends that I’ll never forget through my guild. Though I’ve since unsubscribed, the guild has since disbanded, and I’ve since lost contact with those friends, I’ll always have the memories, and you reminded me why those memories are so important, and how strongly I was influenced in my early gaming career by those connections.

  2. I made A LOT of friends in online games too. Perfect World is a game i remember well myself. Mostly because of the awesome character creation system. Some of the friends I made, I still talk to regularly today!

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