Supergirl, “for girls”, and HerInteractive

I don’t think I’m the only one who watched the new Supergirl trailer this week. If you haven’t watched it yet, I posted it below. Go ahead and watch it… I’ll wait…

OK, now that you’ve watched it, let me go over and describe just how much this trailer disappointed me in almost every aspect that it had.

For context’s sake, I’ve been a pretty big superhero fan for a pretty long time. I’m that girl who has to watch EVERY SINGLE SUPERHERO MOVIE in theaters, and then own it on DVD. I’ve watched Young Justice, Teen Titans (although I refuse to watch TTG), Static Shock, Agent Carter, Smallville, and more. Usually, anything related to any superhero gets me excited. So why did this disappoint me so much? The first moments of the trailer reminded me of both Smallville and every Superman movie ever created. Kara is like Clark, put into a spaceship and sent to Earth away from Krypton to survive. Those were exciting. But then, things took a VERY wrong turn.

Suddenly, I felt like I was watching the trailer for a chick-flick. It’s a girl running around, getting coffee, going on dates… wait, what? Her superpowers don’t make an appearance until much further into the trailer, and while I was hoping for a show that would have her kicking ass all the time, the trailer downplayed it so far that it seemed only a minor aspect of the show itself. Suddenly, it seemed like a chick flick with superpowers, not a movie about a superheroine.

Maybe I’m just exaggerating, but I can’t believe that this would happen. This isn’t the first show to ever feature a kick-ass woman. Buffy, for example. Charmed did it with 3! Why the sudden change? Why does the trailer turn Supergirl into a romcom series? I have nothing personal against romcoms and do enjoy some of them, but combining both genres here seems to be making a point. Can we have a girl featuring a female superhero without drawing in the romcom aspect? Apparently not… *sigh*

And that brings me to a much better part of my blog post, and definitely a lot more positive. Have you ever heard of HerInteractive? Basically, HerInteractive makes games, and specifically, Nancy Drew video games. I recently started playing them again after a while, mainly because I missed having games that would challenge me.

Because, you should know, Nancy Drew games are HARD. The games are composed of so many puzzles, and you can’t move on with the story until some of them are solved. In these games, Nancy solves a variety of mysteries: fires, murders, robberies, you name it! The detective is at it again! 

In the games, you control Nancy as she wanders around her world to solve the mystery. Mainly, it’s up to the player to solve the mysteries, although Nancy occasionally gives helpful tips along the way. Nancy runs into these mysteries while on vacation, interning for a scientist, etc. Her tasks range from cooking to fixing complicated machines so that the lab won’t explode into a million pieces with her inside it. There is a constant element of danger throughout the game, which just makes it more fun!

And, one of the best parts about these games is, even with a female protagonist, you can tell they weren’t just made “for girls” like the Supergirl trailer was. Nancy Drew is for everyone.

Maybe by now I sound like a commercial for Nancy Drew games and HerInteractive, but the new Supergirl trailer only brought all of this to the surface. Why should everything for girls be painted pink? Why should a show featuring a girl look like that? Why should games for girls be oriented around non-dangerous subjects? I want an adventure, and I find that HerInteractive does a good job in giving me one. Sure, Assassin’s Creed: Liberation gave me an adventure too, but I craved the mental stimuli too.

Has anybody else ever played the Nancy Drew games? What did you think of the Supergirl trailer? Let me know!

Also, I’ll leave you a Nancy Drew trailer here too, for the game I’ve been playing most recently. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Supergirl, “for girls”, and HerInteractive

  1. I see your point but I believe that this trailer is exciting and a step in a good direction. While Smallville had a lot of action it was also very melodramatic and centered around Clark’s love life a lot. This series portrays the humanity of people even heroes which I appreciate in a series or movie. I just hope they’re able to balance it the way they did with Charmed so that we get 80% action and 20% love stories.

  2. I definitely sympathize with the frustration of this post. Watching the first half of the trailer brought up the unflattering comparison that this was rather unironically like the Black Widow SNL parody sketch from a week or two ago.

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